Keystone Light Can Hunt

Keystone Light, a non-premium beer in the MillerCoors portfolio, needed to come up with a fall marketing program that would not only be self-executing and basically sell itself at retail (in case it didn’t get display space) but would also build on the brand’s equity as a source for “Smooth Solutions” for having a good time.

Quantitative research showed that the 21- to 29 year-old beer drinking male target liked to hunt in autumn, but qualitative research showed that they weren’t serious about it, and would likely spend all their time in the cabin drinking beer.

To give them the pleasure of hunting without all the work, they created the “Can Hunt” campaign so non-serious hunters would have the excitement and pride that one normally gets from bagging the trophy “buck” by bagging the trophy “beer” instead. The theme of the Can Hunt was to “Find It. Mount It. Show It Off.”

The video shows how the campaign worked and gives performance metrics:

MillerCoors sent Keystone Light fans on a hunt for orange cans in random cases of Keystone Light. And to make the experience true to the hunt, the packaging – the box the beer came in – could be turned into one of four wall displays for mounting and showing off their prize can – a Keystotrout, Keystoduck, Keystoboar and a Keystolope. Mounts unique to each SKU drove them back to retail for more.

Thousands of orange cans (1 in every 4 packs) were randomly seeded in packs during the fall hunting season. The POS display broke through the usual hunting clutter with displays featuring the various mounts available in packs, as well as standees of brand icon Keith Stone showing off a larger than life orange can.

Successful hunters showed off their trophy cans on Facebook, which drove their friends to become can hunters. Keystone Light also sent Facebook messaging to its fans to get them to join the hunt. Keith Stone created his own online video about the orange can to further spread buzz. Consumers populated the Keystone Light Facebook page with “Can Hunt” success stories and their own color and “canimal” adaptations of the mounts. Some even tried to sell theirs on eBay.

Overall, “Can Hunt” drove 4,000 likes and nearly 6,000 additional Facebook interactions for the brand, while Keystone Light fans spread content to nearly a million of their friends. Despite tight budgets and brands fighting over limited retail space, POS orders exceeded forecasted numbers by 147%, which lead to a 500% increase in POS sales over MillerCoors projections. The promotion helped maintain a flat share of segment despite heavy discounting by competition.

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